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Our service offerings

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Engineering Services

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management | Engineering, Design, Drafting, and planning services | Optimisation Studies | Technical Studies | Due Diligence | Energy management and optimisation | System modelling with Flownex, Pumpsim, Ventsim, VUMA, HelixConveyor, Simio, Arena, AFT packages.

Mine Ventilation & Technology

Design, Planning, and Optimisation of compressed air, ventilation, refrigeration, and

water reticulation systems | Research and Development | Monitoring and Reporting Technologies | Execution and Project Services| Operational Excellence.

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Turnkey & Project Services

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management | Project management office | Virtual delivery and project support office | Virtual energy, engineering and strategy offices.

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Mining Excellence

Digital transformation programmes (mining and large industries) | Operational transformation programmes | Technology specification and selection programmes | Analytics and value driver modelling | Business case modelling and evaluation | Product development and R&D for companies.

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